8th version Interschools English Song Festival

On October 11, the Osorno College opened its doors to the community for one more version of the Interschools English Song Festival, which is organized by the English Department, together with the Arts and Technology Department. This year, in its 8th version, the Interschools English Song Festival was proud to count with 14 talented singers both from Osorno and different cities in the country. This event was born with the objective of increasing the participation of students in activities that promote the use and appreciation of the English language, as well as to create links between the participating schools. Throughout the years, it has become one of the most expected activities for our school and others, and we have always had a great level of enthusiasm and commitment from all those involved.

The following were the schools participating this year and their singers:

1Colegio Alemán – OsornoIrma Baeza J.Million reasons
2Hampton College – ValdiviaSantiago J. Alverdi G.Born to die
3Colegio Alemán – TemucoCatalina Rioseco A.When we were Young
4Colegio San José – OsornoGabriela Vidal N.Just the way you are
5Germania del Verbo Divino – Pto. VarasMa. Victoria González M.Zombie
6Saint Thomas College – OsornoFernanda Bahamonde I.Creep – Radiohead
7Colegio Concepción Los AngelesJoaquín Balboa S.Little Things
8Colegio Santa Marta – OsornoConstanza Kalher C.Seven Nation Army
9Colegio Concepción ChillánClaudio García L.Feeling good
10Colegio Emprender – OsornoBastián Montecinos C.Starman
11Colegio Laico ValdiviaLucas Delgado V.Wonderwall
12The Mission College – OsornoNoemí Arismendi C.Skyscraper
13Colegio Alemán – La UniónMaite Pérez A.Listen
14Osorno CollegeValentina Cabello J.I will survive


All the singers displayed an amazing talent and they proudly represented their schools, giving their all to take the first place home. This made it difficult for the judges to make their decisions. In the end, the results were as follows:


1st placeCatalina Rioseco A.When we were youngColegio Alemán de Temuco
2nd placeConstanza Kahler C.Seven Nation ArmyColegio Santa Marta, Osorno
3rd placeClaudio García L.Feeling GoodColegio Concepción Chillan


Most Popular Singer (voted by the audience)
Noemí ArismendiSkyscraperThe Mission College


Best Performance (voted by the judges)
Lucas DelgadoWonderwallColegio Laico, Valdivia


We’d like to thank the students, their schools and particularly their teachers for all the enthusiasm in being here; some of them traveled from very far and we appreciate that. We know how much work and effort you put into coming here to represent your schools, so we are grateful you were part of the show.

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